Digital Health Checks Are Often Avoided By Male Business Owners But Not by Females

Statistics are everywhere in the health arena. As a man, you are nearly 3 times more likely than a woman to smoke, to drink excessive amounts of alcohol or have substance abuse problems. You are also far more likely to avoid or delay regular health check ups either through a lack of organization to remember to schedule annual appointments with the doctor, because of a fear of bad news or perhaps just an irrational egotistical driven mindset that we are immune from poor health. Suicide is the number one cause of death for men under the age of 40 and the numbers are rising every year. We as a gender do not treat ourselves with the health respect we deserve. But is the same true for our business decisions? Men are 4 times more likely to be a business owner than a female and 8 times more likely to be the decision makers of a business that they do not own. So do we take the health or our business more seriously than ourselves? Unfortunately not. Sean Butler of SearchButlers has run digital health checks on thousands of businesses in the UK, Australia and the United States and says it doesn’t matter what accent his clients speak with, he sees the exact same swings in digital health of businesses ran by and women. Women are far more likely to seek advice, far more likely to implement the advice they receive and are far less absent at the wheel with their website decision making. Men on the other hand will according to Sean have more basic errors in their digital wellbeing that go untreated for years on end and that can actually seriously undermine the future prosperity of the business as a consequence of them not being resolved when first highlighted.

Come on men of the world, up your health game both personally and in the digital arena of business.

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