Health or Beauty – What is more important?

To many people across the word, going to the gym and watching what they eat is more of a path to looking good than being healthy. Call it vanity, call it ego, call it whatever you like but the world is full of people who are healthy by accident. Their priority is to look good and the consequences of achieving that are that the far more important act of living healthy is to some degree accomplished.

But what about those who develop disorders for the same basic reasoning but their development leads to a wildly improper misbalance of health and nutritional consequences because if their need to be thin or caring what others will think of them if they are not.

We have made body image far more important than body function over the last 25 years. Theres no reason to believe that thin equals happy or healthy and conversely – You can be healthy, beautiful and happy at any size. at all. Just as easily in the case of bulimics or people with eating disorders, you can be unhealthy and unhappy at any size as well.

We asked a team of male strippers for their take on the topic of health over beauty and we appreciate the opinions of men who need to be strong and fit to do their jobs but also have to look the part.

We asked 5 guys what their approach was and the consensus was that whilst they were in an aesthetic business and needed to do far more weight training to develop their muscles to a level appropriate for the “girls night out” they neglected their cardio work as it would often strip muscle away from their torso and found that if they left it too long between the occasional runs then they would struggle with the stamina requirements of the job.

They will always be trying to squeeze it in somewhere into their routines but acknowledged that whilst they look the part they perhaps struggle with some mental health issues as they and their female friends who do the same job struggle with the pressure to always look good as they get older and find it harder to build muscle and stay aesthetically appealing to their audience.

Food for thought

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