What is the cost of medical evacuation services by airplane in the USA?

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Some emergency health problems like heart attacks, trauma, fractures, strokes, and pulmonary conditions require travelers to hire medical evacuation services. Medical evacuation services have saved countless lives under emergencies and brought faster medical care to remote locations. 

In the United States, medical evacuations services by airplane are facilitating over 82 million people to access “Level-I and Level-II trauma centers within one hour. The cost of medical evacuation services depends on your location, the number of available resources, and the severity of the emergency, and the nearest hospital or clinic that can treat you. 

Cost of Air Medical Evacuation Service in the U.S 

Recent research shows that nearly 30% of people in the U.S depends on medical evacuation services to seek emergency care. There are numerous remote areas in the U.S with no advanced medical care facilities.

People who require special care or serious trauma in rural areas depend upon medical evacuation services by airplane to transport them to advanced health facilities. That way, people from rural areas get the help they need. 

But how much does such a service cost in the U.S? According to The Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS), the average air medevac cost for a 52 miles trip is between $12,000 and $25,000 per flight.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners states that airplane’s cost of medical evacuation services can even reach $6 million. It depends on the location, medical equipment, type of plane, and maintenance. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of Medevac by Airplane 

Many factors determine the cost of air medevac service. These include the required distance, the type of airplane, the medical crew, flying to high-risk areas, airport landing costs, and ground ambulance charges. 


Distance is the primary factor that determines the cost of medevac by airplane. The price is less when the aircraft travels less distance. For example, if the airplane takes you from a rural location to the nearest advanced medical facility, it will cost you less money. On the other hand, if you need traveling to another city far away from your location, it will cost you more money. It is simple math! 

Type of Plane 

Research shows that a twin-engine propeller plane for a 55 miles medevac flight costs lower than a flight on a light jet. For instance, a twin-engine propeller plane with paramedics will cost you $2,500 for a 55 miles flight from Saint Joseph, Missouri to Kansas City, Missouri. A mid-size jet or large-size airplane will usually cost more than a light plane.

Medical Staff

The medical staff goes with you on the airplane, which can increase the cost of medevac service. The crew includes doctors, physicians, and nurses who provide emergency care throughout the flight. 

Airport Landing

Airport landing is another factor that determines the cost of medevac service by airplane. Evacuation through chartered flights include costs of landing and handling. Therefore, you will be charged more if the airport is open for the airplane to land and take off. 

Final Words 

The actual cost of medevac service by airplane depends on many factors and varies from company to company and location to location. Many companies in the U.S offer medical evacuation services by airplane. Make sure you choose the right one that is both reliable and affordable. Experts recommend having an insurance policy that covers airplane medevac costs. 

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