What to Expect

Anti Ageing Consultation Process

During an Ageless Men’s Health Clinic (AMHC) assessment for aesthetic treatments, you might expect:

  • An assessment of current deeper lines that unnecessarily age a man’s face
  • An assessment of ‘hard to treat’ fat deposits or bulges that reduce the V- shape torso of youth and high fitness levels
  • An honest treatment plan that makes a man look and feel younger and more vibrant, as opposed to looking like they have had ‘work’ done.

At AMHC, we aim to always achieve a fresher, more rested and more hydrated appearance for our male patients.

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Want to target the visible signs of ageing & your physical & psychological wellbeing?


Amazing service from the team at Ageless Mens Health. They really understood my concerns and helped me with the treatments which has seen me regain my confidence and youth! Thanks ever so much!