Premature Ejaculation FAQs

Is PE curable?
A great deal of medical research has been undertaken to find a cure for PE. However, currently there is no single “cure” to PE. Due to the number of possible factors that may drive individual cases of PE a single cure is unlikely to be found. However, there are solutions that can be applied which will address the symptoms of PE in such a way as to provide men and their partners with a happier more fulfilling sex life. Ageless Men’s Health has solutions which will address PE and give back the confidence that PE has taken.
What causes PE?
There is no one cause of PE. PE is often caused by a combination of factors such as levels of anxiety particularly in relation to sexual performance. Lack of arousal or over-stimulation (hyper sensitivity) and learned behaviours especially related to masturbation are also thought to drive PE. However to address PE is necessary to address each of them and Ageless Men’s Health can help you achieve the solution you want.
Is PE age related and does it increase as you get older?
Despite the myth that older men suffer from PE, often PE is more prevalent in younger men in part due to higher levels of arousal and inexperience. However overall PE affects men of all ages and age is not a key determinant. However, the incidence of ED does increase with age and this can in turn lead to increased levels of PE.
Is there really any relationship between diet and premature ejaculation?

While there is no known link between what we eat and PE there is a clear connection in terms of alcohol and use of certain drugs (particularly opiods). Alcohol has a clear connection with ED and the same issues that drive that symptom are also responsible for PE. It is recommended that as part of any treatment process that men avoid excessive alcohol to improve performance. This should be discussed with our Doctor’s at time of consultation.

Discuss your concerns with one of our doctors and we will assess your specific situation.


Amazing service from the team at Ageless Mens Health. They really understood my concerns and helped me with the treatments which has seen me regain my confidence and youth! Thanks ever so much!